Endodontics Retreatment



Typically, a tooth having endodontic treatment is not a problem. Occasionally, a tooth that has an endodontic treatment does not stop pain or show symptoms, such as pain, swelling, fistula after a while. Then, the most tooth needs a second chance and repeat endodontic treatment.

One reason that leads to the resumption of endodontic treatment is the inappropriate removal of the pulp and the microbes that originally existed in the tooth when it was first treated. This may be due to the complexity of the anatomy inside the tooth. With the help of special techniques and technology (microscopy, ultrasound, digital acronym and CBCT) it is possible to eliminate the causative factor that led to the previous failure and the tooth to be treated well and not need extraction.

A further reason that can lead to the resumption of endodontic treatment is fracture and re-dander, resulting in contamination inside the tooth.