Root Coverage Techniques


Pink Aesthetics

Gum recession is one of the consequences of periodontal disease. This results in susceptibility of teeth to stimuli such as cold and hot, they are more prone to microbial attack, and they appear longer affecting the esthetic of the mouth.

Another reason for gum recession is the wrong use of the toothbrush. In these cases, the use of the toothbrush should be reviewed and its proper use should be learned prior to the surgery.

The use of soft tissue graft from the palate is the gold standard for the repair of these lesions. Alternatively, other synthetic grafts may be used. Sutures are placed both at the donor and the recipient site. Sutures from the palate are removed one week after the surgery, and the ones from the recipient site are removed after two weeks.

Post-operative instructions are given to the patient and regular evaluations are performed to ensure long-term therapeutic outcome.