Sinus Lift


GBR technique

The sinuses are two air cavities of the upper jaw, one on each side. Some of the roots of the upper teeth enter normally within them.

In some cases when the posterior teeth of the upper jaw have been extracted several years ago or when there is a particular anatomy of the area, the bone of the jaw is not sufficient to support dental implants.

For many years, in implantology we use this cavity by proceeding bone regeneration in this area in order to place implants. The entrance to the sinus is made through the mouth either by the closed technique or by the open window technique.

In the first case the access is made from the area where the implant is to be placed where the bone is densified by special burs and tools. In the second case, a bony window is opened respectively of the area of the lost teeth, and by using bone grafts and special membranes bone is created in the cavity.

In most cases the implant is placed at the same time.
It is a safe technique if appropriate preparation (panoramic,CBCT, clinical examination) is performed by the specialized surgeon.