Peri-implant mucositis



Peri-implant mucositis is a disease corresponding to gingivitis that occurs in the natural teeth and it is an inflammation that develops around the implants and it only affects the mucosa and the gingiva.

Inflammation begins because of the accumulation of bacteria in the area where the prosthetic restoration of the implant is in contact with the gingiva. Gums with peri-implant mucositis become red, swollen and sensitive and they bleed either automatically or by applying gentle pressure.

The treatment of peri-implant mucositis includes two phases:

  • oral hygiene instructions. This is a lesson in which specialized staff of our clinic practically teaches you, according to your oral needs, the most effective way of oral hygiene in both natural teeth and implants.
  • main phase of treatment. It is a painless process since it is always performed under local anesthesia. In this phase, soft and hard deposits are removed from the surface both of the teeth and the implants with special tools. Polishing and post-treatment evaluation in one week is followed.